Do College Students Have Healthy Sleeping Habits

Several mornings every week, Rick, a Harvard student from California, rises before 5 am to join her classmates for some rowing practice. On such days, he seldom sleeps more than seven hours every night. Being a college student, Rick forgoes scopes of socializing because he needs to complete his college work and try getting to bed at a reasonable time. Rick tries his level best to make time for sleep even if he is not aware of the importance of proper sleep for his ability of learning. No matter what he sleeps on, whether it’s a top of the line king bed, or top rated air mattresses, getting quality sleep is vital. This is because such beds can go a long way in providing healthy and restful sleep to college students like Rick.

Do college students have healthy sleeping habits? Well, only a month into his first semester at Harvard, Rick already wishes he had some more time for proper and healthy sleep. Here, the problem is “You never feel that you have got enough,” he says, pointing out the demands of his college. For Rick, there are many demands presented by his college. He needs to take out a good amount of time for studies, for sports, and for other activities.

Of course, Rick is not alone. Students studying in colleges represent one of the most sleep-deprived sections of our population. Sports, coursework and extracurricular activities, all conspire towards robbing the sleep of the college students. According to studies conducted on this subject, only 11% college students can sleep well consistently while 73% students experience sleep problems. Poor sleep which is no longer considered an entirely harmless facet of college life is presently thought to have a great influence on the learning and the memory of college students.

Several findings on sleep deprivation in college students have made it essential for college students to consider the importance of sleep while studying. It is important for college-going individuals to make proper time for sleep. This is not only helpful for the college students but for all those individuals who are into learning and want to continue learning at different levels. However, it is not easy for college students to find time for proper and healthy sleep. For many students- balancing studies, regular college classes, social activities, extra-curricular activities and personal time can be tough. In such situations, sleep is probably one of the very first activities that get completely squeezed out.

Early in his First semester at Harvard, Rick feels like he is successfully maintaining a good balance, but barely. Trying his best to get the most of his time in college, Rick admits that sometimes it is tough for him to see sleep as one of the most important parts of her athletic and scholastic objectives. Sleep in important for college students, and it must not be considered as wasted time. It is time when the brain does some significant work.

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