Programming Languages that are Worth Learning in 2017

There are many programming languages out there in 2017 because, with the development of technology and software’s, one language can limit you towards selecting different features and doing different web development projects.

The need of the day is the transition in coding language while keeping the basics same and moving towards the advanced applications. Here we have compiled the top 4 programming languages which will be very valuable in 2017.


This is the language which has been at its best for past few decades as compared to other languages.

It can run on any platform which can support Java without any need of recompilation and it has never been down when we talk about practical applications.

Java has been ranked at number 2 among all languages according to the Redmonk’s Programming Language Rankings.

If you are the best in Java, you can do hundreds of projects online even with the basic knowledge but it is also a reality that you need multiple languages to keep pace with the modern world of technological development.


Every Engineer even the guys in the mechanical department have this course of C++ in their course though they might hate it to hear that it will be worthy to learn C++ in 2017 because it has a major role in modern world programming.

It had a great influence even on Java and various huge names in tech are utilizing this language in their upcoming projects.


Python has given a different way to coders to use small code to do the same task which they can do with Java or C++.

So, it not only saves time but it has opened a new space for the programmers to optimize the syntax for better and efficient development.

It is among the most popular programming languages of the world recently and possesses 4th position in Redmonk’s rankings.


Researches and surveys have shown the outcomes that the Ruby is still one of the popular languages due to its application and implementations in different projects. Ruby has a strategy of streamlining the process of ultimate customization and infinite options.